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I love to sit and chat to couples about their wedding plans. It sets my creative mind alight. When a couple tells me about how they plan to make their wedding different from everyone else's, how they will personalise every aspect of their wedding day, my imagination takes over and I begin to picture  how I will capture the heart and soul that they will pour into those plans.

Weddings are not about individual photographs, they are hugely emotional experiences with a story to tell and I want to tell that story through a fusion of documentary and creative, fine art pictures.

When I photograph a wedding, each and every image is made with honesty, respect and a pure love for what I do. Photography, for me, is an art form and weddings require a particular eye, not just for light and composition but for moments, emotions, tears and joy.

I work as quietly and unobtrusively as possible, observing and documenting your wedding with no interference.  This approach to wedding photography ensures the natural honesty of your wedding photos. The only time I get involved is to organise a few group shots and give a little informal guidance during the photos I will take of just the two of you.

If you think we should put our creative minds together, I'd love to hear from you. Click here to make contact

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